Fellowship Christian School offers a variety of athletic activities.  Sticking to its mission, Fellowship uses sports ministry to share God’s goodness and truth with the community.  It is a way to reach and love on individuals that are not yet aware of His love or who simply need a reminder, hope and encouragement.  Fellowship Christian School partners with the Northwest Christian Sports League (NCSL) as well as the WIAA.

Sports Offered:


Enrollment/Registration packets for WIAA sports are given out to families throughout the school year.  Please be sure to turn in forms on time, if you would like your child to participate.

Enrollment/Registration forms & packets for the Northwest Christian Sports League can be found on their website.  Please be sure to write down Fellowship Christian School as the team you would like to sign up with.

Required Forms:

Participation in sports require signed waiver and release forms each year as well as a current sports physical, provided by your child’s doctor.  Students are not allowed to participate without these form turned in ahead of time.

In addition, in order to participate in extra-curricular activities, students must be meeting all eligibility requirements throughout the academic year and season.  Fellowship Christian School will not allow students to participate if they display poor behavior (in any form).  This is an opportunity to further glorify God and to share His truth with the community.  It is therefore necessary to act in a respectful and loving manner, at all times.


Costs per participant and per sport range from $100-$250.  This does not cover any coaching costs (Coaches at FCS volunteer their time and are not paid!).  This fee includes the cost of tournaments, facilities, gas, equipment and uniforms.  Uniforms must be returned at the completion of each season.

  • Northwest Christian Sports League fees get paid directly to Northwest Christian Sports League.  They do offer scholarship/discount opportunities in their registrations.
  • WIAA Sports fees get paid to Fellowship Christian School.  If you are unable to pay the fee, please contact the school ahead of time.