Early Learning: Pre-K & K

It is our philosophy that as a model of the great Father we have that we teach children of the great love we must share with one another.  This ministry and school is a place for young learners to get an early understanding of just how greatly they are loved by the Lord.  They learn of our Father’s great power to renew and transform people in ways that are impossible without Him.

In our Early Learning classrooms, we focus on nurturing the children as well as modeling Christ’s love.  We teach students to work for the Lord rather than man, instilling a love for learning and a greater purpose.

Fellowship Christian School uses a strong curriculum focused on Biblical principles as well as literacy.

All students in Pre-K and Kindergarten classes are taught art, music, P.E., as well as library.   Core subjects also include Bible, science, social studies (cultures, community helpers, our world & geography), language arts (literacy, writing & spelling), reading (phonics) and math.

For more information about the specific curriculum and schedule offered, please view the link below or email our school office: