Fellowship Christian School offers several opportunities for after school/extended activities, camps and athletics.  Some of the activities offered include after school:

  • Art Class: Mondays, $12 per class
    • Classes take place in the fall.
    • Art Schedule found here:  FCS Art Class
  • Computer Class: Mondays, $10 per class
    • Classes take place in the fall.
  • Homework Support: After school, Monday-Wednesday, $5 per day
  • Music/Instrument Class (Set up with after school instructor)
  • Athletics (soccer, volleyball, basketball, tumbling, golf & track and field)
    • Tumbling: Mondays (Grades 1 and up), Wednesdays (Pre-K & Kindergarten)
      • Winter Sport (November – January)
      • $10 per class plus $30 annual mat fee (goes towards purchasing tumbling mats used in class)
      • 8 week commitment required
  • Robotics Class: Tuesdays, $15 per class
    • Classes take place in the winter.

To sign up for any of these classes, click on this link. After you sign up, you will be invoiced via Quickbooks and will be able to pay online (once you receive the invoice) or at the Front Desk.

These opportunities are blessings from the Lord and are a way for this ministry to not only continue to build great leaders for the Lord but to also share His truth with the community.  Often times, extra-curriculars occur outside of the school, allowing people we meet to witness the light of the Lord.  If you would like more information about the activities or athletics we offer, please view the following pages: