Fellowship Christian School offers camps year round, for children ages 4-12.  Summer camps are hands on fun with a lot of learning.  More camp information will be available in October.  Camps are offered during:

  • Winter Break (4/5 Days, $100-$125)
  • Easter/Spring Break (4/5 Days, $100-$125)
  • Mid-Winter Break (4/5 Days, $100-$125)
  • Summer (4/5 Days, $100-$125 per week)
    • Offered weekly/monthly
    • Starts at the end of June and ends in the middle of August
    • 2019 Theme: Armor of God

Additional Costs (Optional):

  • Camp Shirt ($20)
  • Camp Water bottle ($5)

Camp Info:  Specific camp information will be provided with each enrollment period.  If you would like any more information, please feel free to email FellowshipChristianSchools@gmail.com