God is leading us through this current season, during COVID-19, with new opportunities and reminders to love our neighbors and to continue growing in community with one another. This very statement may seem contradictory as we have been told to social distance and stay at home, but the Lord always opens doors and prepares His own way. The Lord passed on His knowledge and wisdom to us, allowing us to quickly switch to virtual learning, allowing us to also offer this learning to others in our community! He has also given all of us the opportunity to spend more time with our families that we sometimes take for granted or spend little time with when we fill our lives with too much of this world.  This is a great reminder to not only love all of those around us well, but to cherish and find joy in everything the Lord provides.

For the 2020-2021 school year, we are planning to return in the fall with in-person teaching but will also offer virtual learning to any families wanting to continue schooling from home.



If you would like to join us for online learning, specific information and sign ups are available here:

At the link above, please sign up for the date you would like your child to start (minimum 4 week commitment).

We also offer in person learning or Virtual Learning during the Summer!

Virtual Learning Requirements:

  • Families must commit to 4 full weeks ($400) and must pay in advance (billed out to the family through Quickbooks once the family has signed up).
  • Families start the 4 week commitment starting from the date they have signed up for, after their invoice has been paid (payment will occur online only, through Quickbooks).
  • Students must have their own computer/laptop or electronic device to use the program (we use Vedamo and Google Classroom as our main platforms).
  • Students should be prepared with basic school supplies each day.
  • Students are on screen and heard, so their language should be respectful and follow all school rules (dress appropriately).
  • Fellowship Christian School is a Christian School that teaches Christian values and the Bible. If you sign your child up, you agree to this teaching and support it, as well. Our full Statement of Faith can be found at: http://fellowshipchristianschools.com/faith/
  • Students will be required to use a microphone and front facing camera (built into most computers and electronic devices, including phones and tablets) during classes.
  • Students are required to attend classes on time and to submit work on time. 


General Schedule (K-5):

8:30-10:00am Morning instruction

10:00-10:30am Break

10:30-11:30am Morning Instruction

11:30-12:30pm Lunch Break

12:30-2:00pm: Afternoon Instruction

2:00-2:30pm: Break

2:30-3:30pm: Afternoon Instruction


General Schedule (6th-12th Grade): Block Schedule

8:30-10:00am: Period 1-Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Class

10:15-11:30am: Period 2-Bible/Chapel

11:30-1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00-2:15pm: Period 3-Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Class

2:30-3:30pm: Period 4-Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Class


Monday/Wednesday Class Offering (6th-12th Grade):

  • 1st Period: 6th Grade English, Pre-Algebra (7th/8th Grade), High School History, Algebra 1 and 2, Russian Language
  • 2nd Period: Bible & Chapel
  • 3rd Period:6th Grade History, 7th/8th Grade English, High School Chemistry, High School Physical Science
  • 4th Period: Digital Arts, Culinary Arts, Outdoor Skills (Survival)

Tuesday/Thursday Class Offering (6th-12th Grade):

  • 1st Period: 6th Grade Math, High School English, 7th/8th Grade History
  • 2nd Period: Bible & Chapel
  • 3rd Period: 6th Grade Science, 7th/8th Grade Science, High School Honors English, High School Geometry
  • 4th Period: Journalism & Creative Writing, Outdoor Skills (Survival), Digital Arts, High School History

Full Classes: Business Entrepreneurship

Please feel free to email us for any other questions: FellowshipChristianSchools@gmail.com

Thank you and we pray your new season is filled with God’s protection and blessing.


Classroom Material Links:

4th Grade Bible: 5/26/2020